Organizing the Homeschooling Home, Part 2

Last week was Part 1 of Organizing the Homeschooling Home I talked about my rules for decluttering and organizing, and showed you my linen closet. This week I am writing about organizing the Master Bathroom and Closet.

Since I haven’t covered the school room yet, you may be wondering why this series is called “Organizing the Homeschooling Home” :). When our homes are organized our household runs well. And when our household is running well, it helps us focus on another calling the Lord has given us: to disciple our children through educating them at home.

The master bedroom/bathroom is an important area of the house. (Although I will admit I am often guilty of leaving baskets of folded laundry at the foot of my bed for way too long 🙂 ) This is the place where we start our day. If my bathroom and closet are well organized I can get ready for the day more quickly and easily, with less stress. I’m not wasting valuable time searching for something to wear that is clean AND matches. And I can easily see what I have to wear and make a decision quickly. I can even pick out a pair of earrings to match because they are easy to find. Not only does having an organized bathroom and closet help us start our busy days properly, but it can help and bless our husbands as well.

Okay so we know why we should do it. Now HOW do we do it? Last week I posted my 4 rules of decluttering. I kept items that:

1. Fit us (or will fit a sibling in the next 2-3 years)

2. We have worn or used in the past year

3. I really like 🙂

4. Could be a family heirloom.

I also followed my four rules or organization:

1. Keep stuff close to where you use it.

2. Stuff that is used the least goes in the hardest to reach places (usually the top shelf)

3. Stuff that is used the most goes in the easiest to reach places. (right in front of you)

4. Use containers to hold items that don’t neatly stack.

I followed my decluttering rules in my my bathroom and closet. In my bathroom, I got rid of any medicine, makeup, hair products etc. that hadn’t been used in the past year, and kept only products that I use regularly or seasonally. I kept only my favorite cosmetic bags to use for storage.

Here are some pictures. I want to keep my counter free and clear of any clutter, so it looks peaceful when I walk in. My bathroom has three drawers, and I kept the items we use frequently in these drawers, since that is where they are easiest to reach. (rule 3)

The top drawer is my husbands.

In the next drawer, I put my makeup bag, contacts and contact solution, my glasses, brushes, and clear ziploc of hair thingies. (These are all items I use every day)

In the bottom drawer, I put my hair dryer, extra contacts in a cosmetic bag, and nail polish/supplies (items I don’t use every day)

In the cabinets under the sinks, I also put items I use infrequently, such as hair rollers, curling iron, humidifier, heating pad, travel toiletry bag, etc. I used containers to hold loose items (rule 4)

On our shelves in our bathroom, I kept medicine used infrequently in a bin on the top shelf (other medication is kept in a cabinet in our kitchen, since that is where I usually use it), as well as a bin of pet supplies. Also on the top shelf is a small bin with a handle. This holds medication, thermometer, bandaids, antibiotic ointment, etc. for when we travel. That way, I can just pick it up and have one less thing to pack. (I also do this with my toiletry bag under the sink.)

Also on these shelves are cleaning supplies (within easy reach), towels for my husband and myself, and sprays and lotions I might use after a shower. On the bottom shelf are a basket of extra toiletry items and a basket of toilet paper. All of these items are kept close to where they are used.

On a side note, I love the look of beautiful containers on shelves, but for me, it is more practical to be able to SEE what is in the bins.

Lastly, on the back of each toilet in our home are: an extra roll or toilet paper, room spray, and a roll of cleaning wipes.

Okay, if you are still with me :), on to my closet. Here are some pictures of our Master closet.

I gave away any items I didn’t love, didn’t fit, or hadn’t worn in a year. (Some items met all three criteria 😉 ) I removed any fall/winter items to be stored in our attic. I threw away any metal hangers (they always get tangled on the rack) and kept mostly plastic hangers. I separated clothes according to type. ) on another shelf. I used baskets to hold miscellaneous items such as belts.

On my top shelf, sticking to rule 2, I put memorabilia, our vacation bag (used once a year), formal shoes, and other items used infrequently. Loose items were grouped into bins or baskets. I put a small stool on the floor to help me reach the top shelves. (This makes it easier for me to put things away where they belong after using them)

I put camis on the shelf under my shirts(organization rule 1) I kept my four favorite purses and hung them up where I could see them when I get dressed, in case I want to change purses.

Is this too much information?? I’m a very visual person, so I wanted to include lots of pictures. I hope this is helpful.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to declutter first. The times that I get overwhelmed by organizing are usually when I have too much stuff! (Remember, I am not a natural born organizer. 🙂

I would love to hear about any decluttering/organization project you have done, are doing, or want to do!

Next week, I’ll show you pictures of our school room!

Didn’t read Part 1 yet? Click here for Part 1 of Organizing the Homeschooling Home


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