How Are Boys Like Puppies?

My first two children are girls. When I had my first son, of friend of mine told me that boys are kind of like puppies. To keep them happy, feed them well and walk them everyday. While this sounds a bit demeaning (boys are certainly much cuter and smarter than puppies 🙂 ), there is some truth to her advice.

My two -year-old is in the throws of the terrible/terrific twos. 🙂 But let him outside and he’s like a different child. My five year old is almost always happier outside as well. I love how God made my boys to want to challenge themselves physically, to take risks, to explore and create. The outdoors is such a perfect environment for this.

Often, it requires a sacrifice on mom’s part to take the time to bring little boys outside to play, especially when it is cold or rainy (or both, like it is here lately! ). However, letting boys play outside certainly keeps them happier, which makes for a happier mama! 😉

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