Is that a vinyl tablecloth on your table???

Okay, I will admit it. When I think of vinyl tablecloths, I do not think of classy decorating. I usually think of a kitchen circa 1981. HOWEVER, before you scoff at the thought of using a vinyl tablecloth, let me tell you why I love using them.

Wiith 4 kids and three meals a day at home (usually :)) our kitchen table tends to get a bit, um, messy. :). Vinyl tablecloths wipe up so well. Toddler spilled orange juice at breakfast? No problem. Five year old left chocolate cake crumbs and smeared chocolate frosting all over? No sweat. Just wipe down and you’re good to go until the next meal.

I usually buy these handy little things on sale, and actually have fun finding cute or seasonal ones. I have found some really pretty ones at Marshalls, but Target and Wal-Mart usually carry them too.

Who said being practical has to look ugly?? Vinyl tablecloths work for me!

I am pleased to link this post to WFMW over at We are THAT Family
and Simple Homemaking at Raising Arrows

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  1. I use them also for holidays. I can’t find any pretty ones like you have on your table or I’d be using one right now! Otherwise, I’m washing my cloth ones daily.
    Smiles, Cass


    • Cass, if you have a TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross near you I would check there. I have noticed that they usually carry them. Also, in addition to holidays, you will usually see them in the summer at stores. Cute name for your blog btw!


  2. Ih boy ! Same here ! I’d like to have some, just to help and be pratical.. But they are usually so ugly! Beurk ! My kitchen would look like a kindergarten of the 80’s. Are they expensive ?


  3. πŸ™‚ No, they are really pretty cheap. Keep your eye out for them, especially in the stores mentioned. This is probably a good time of year to find them.


  4. Hello! I followed your link from Raising arrows! I use Vinyl tablecloths frequently, and I love my real cloth ones too. My Mom (Mother of 7) always had a lovely lace tablecloth on our big kitchen table. With a big piece of clear plastic over it! She STILL has all of the same tablecloths from when I was a kid…AND all of the paper, cartoon character birthday ones I remember! Because she always put a big sheet of clear plastic from the fabric store over them! I think the last one I purchased was less than 5 dollars…


    • Kimberly, I have used those as well, which is great. My trouble with those is it is hard for me to seem to be harder to keep clean. Any suggestions would be welcome πŸ™‚


      • Hi Beth! I use a Windex like glass cleaner to keep ours clean. Without the Windex,(and a paper towel) you are right, they look kind of nasty pretty quick. They usually last us around 6 months.

  5. Great idea! Have you found them big enough to fit a long table? (and thanks for linking up at Simple Homemaking!)


    • Amy, yes, I often find them long enough for our table with both leaves in it. Their length is over 100 inches, so they work well for our table. Thanks for visiting! Love your blog! Beth πŸ™‚




  7. I have always declared I will never stoop that low. but with 5 children from 1 – 8 years I have enough other laundry. Will I have to surrender. If I could find some fun and cute ones like what you have I would do it.


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